Dec 15, 2023 12:00 PM
Ruthe Workcuff - Kathy Leibrand
RESPECT Institute in Missouri

RESPECT is a movement begun by the international consultant Joel Slack to help educate the public by telling his personal story of the powerful impact that respect and disrespect has on a person’s recovery from mental illness.  Slack developed the RESPECT Institute which began in December of 2000 at Fulton State Hospital.  It was important that staff understand the effects of mental illness and the long road to recovery for the patients.  RESPECT speakers offer insight into the ways general attitudes may affect the success or failure of the lives of people who face mental illnesses. The institute was started in the Kansas City area in 2010.  We help train speakers to share their personal stories of the ups and down of mental illness.  We go to all types of venues so people can be aware of the struggles, and we hope to help decrease stigma of mental illness one story at a time. Please join us!