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August 31, 2022 

This Week's Program: September 2, 2022
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Meeting ID: 298-478-705
Topic: Clare Kuhlman - Intercon/Intercontinental Engineering Manufacturing Corporation

Clare Kuhlman is an Engineer with Intercon located in Riverside, Missouri.  He also is a former mayor of Platte Woods. 
Intercon/Intercontinental Engineering is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of heavy machinery for commercial marine, heavy industry and defense markets.

Larry Cory arranged for this program. 

Two Parkville Rotarians are Engaged! 

Please help us congratulate Edie Hays and Steve Bleish who recently got engaged! Some of us learned of this great news on Monday when Edie updated her relationship status to 'Engaged' on Facebook.  She thought she could make that change without the Facebook world seeing it.  Boy was she wrong!
In Edie's own words:
As many of you know, I lost Kim, my husband of 44 years, on February 12, 2022. I was in shock & completely lost without him. I truly wasn't sure how I could keep living except by trusting in God to get me through. Not an easy task as it was even hard to pray. It also happened that a friend of mine, Steve Bleish, from Rotary lost his wife of over 40 years from cancer. We got in contact with each other to talk about our grief & experiences since we were going through the same thing.
I think we both thought it would be better to go through this with someone else instead of alone. We went on hikes & talked on the phone about all kinds of things. We discovered we had a lot more in common than we realized. When he asked if I might want to go to dinner I told him it might be a year or two before I would be ready for that. He said he would wait as long as it took. We continued our walks & phone calls as friends. Then in July I went on vacation with my kids for a week & he went on vacation with family also. Same week. We were texting & sending pictures every day then on Wednesday, no text. I was worried & thought no one would let me know if anything was wrong. Finally Friday morning a text came through that he was back in good cell reception. At Estes Park. One of my favorite places.
We talked on the phone when we were both back on Monday night. Then Tuesday morning I got up & wanted to get the house clean in case he came by, as he asked if he could stop by one day that week. I hadn't had any initiative to clean for 5 months. It hit me like a brick wall! I had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about him. I was a bit frantic! After 3 different phone calls I decided to "follow my heart" as Father Bruce had suggested, since "God's timing is always best". So I let Steve know I was ready to date.
We've seen each other every day since! God has truly given us a gift & a miracle in the love we have for each other, as He has given both of us a second great love! We have decided to celebrate this wonderful gift of love & have decided to get married. Hence, the Facebook post that I'm engaged from me updating my profile! So on New Years Eve I will be marrying Dr Steve Bleish. I couldn't be happier & am head over heals!
He also has a wonderful sense of humor as after proofing this he said I left some things out such as handsome, charming (both of which he definitely is!), he cooks & cleans (also wonderfully!), & he likes to dance in the kitchen! The last one swept me right off my feet! He is truly perfect for me. I think Kim & Mary Ann are smiling down upon us. I hope all of our family & friends will be smiling with us too!
Joe Carroll has already volunteered to throw Steve's Bachelor Party! 

Please help us wish Steve & Edie a warm, whole-hearted
There truly aren't two nicer people and it is obvious why God brought them together! 
Steve Bleish (Rotarian since 1983) and Edie Hays (Rotarian since 2004)
San Juan Rotary Club - Silent Auction

San Juan Rotary Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico is our partner club for the Global Grant in Puerto Rico.  They are having an online silent auction and our contact, Armand Pique, sent me the link yesterday.  Please click on the blue box/link below if you are interested to see their silent auction items. 
From Bob Stone's Rotary Vault

Keep in mind the following things;
1.    Persistence; when you invite someone to our Rotary meeting you need to make sure that you follow up with that individual at a later date. It is great to have visitors but it is better to have visitors that become Rotarians. Do not be afraid to ask “would you be interested in becoming a Rotarian?” A great way to ask this question is “I have enjoyed meeting and talking with you. How come you are not in Rotary yet?” 

2.    Improve member knowledge of Rotary and Club; It is a great idea to keep our members as informed as possible when it comes to Rotary Club. The more you know about Rotary, the better you will be able to answer questions from potential candidates. 
One way to encourage members to read more about Rotary is for at the beginning of every meeting to have a one question trivia, and the person who answers it correctly wins a price. The price could be anything from a $5 gift card to Sonic to a Rotary pin.  
Also, very important, the more you know about Rotary the more you will be proud of being a Rotarian. 

3.    Keep in touch with Rotary Alumni; There are many people that know about Rotary and that in one way or another were in touch with Rotary sometime in their life. Keeping in touch with these people is vital. Exchange Students, Scholarship Recipients and GSE Teams are a great place to start. 
It cannot hurt sending an email or a letter to those individuals letting them know that we are still here and that they are always welcome to have lunch with us.  

4.    Invite those who you love; Invite your spouse, your friends, and your co-workers. Make sure that everyone is having fun, and have fun yourself. Having fun attracts more “fun” people. Meetings should be fun and energizing.
Our next member might be that person seating in the office next to you every day or it might be the person you enjoy playing golf, tennis, or having a beer with. Do not be afraid to invite those people to join.    
5.    Show off!!! Make sure you wear a Rotary pin every day, put a Rotary decal on your car, or include the Rotary logo on you business card. Show off as much as you want as long as when someone ask you; “What is Rotary?” you are able to give them a good and true answer right away.

6.    Let keep it real… Unfortunately, there are not many young people now days that can afford to join Rotary. Not being able to afford it does not mean that they are not able to become great Rotarians. It will help to have some kind of sponsorship for those people. One way to do so would be by having an existing member sponsor a new member for the first 6 months or first year. Once those six months or that year went by that “new member" can sponsor another new member.
Always talk about your club’s strengths and not “We need members.”
Paul Harris Fellow Matching Points Program
Please see attached and below from Annual Funds Chair, Jodi Sundaram, for exciting information about District 6040's matching points program and share with your club's members!
Rotary District 6040
2022-2023 Annual Fund Points Match Program
  • The first $500 contributed per member to the Annual Fund of the Rotary Foundation during the 2022-2023 Rotary year will be given a match of 500 D6040 Foundation Points to move you to Paul Harris Fellow status. 
  • Period for matching begins on 8/5/22 and ends on December 31st, 2022.
  • Please email Jodi Sundaram at once you have made a qualifying contribution so that we can be sure to properly match this with the 500 points.
In Rotary year 2018/2019 our club was 100% PHF members. This has been achieved many times throughout our club's history. 
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