Speaker Date Topic
5th Friday Social Event Knuckleheads Saloon Mar 31, 2023

Join us for fun, food, drink and entertainment!   It is a terrific show and there also should be concert. 

Volunteer Event in Weston Missouri Apr 01, 2023 9:00 AM
The Farmer's House

This is opening day for the Farmer's House market.  The market will be open 10am-4pm.  We need to have volunteers sign up for this great cause.

The Farmer's House is Empowering Youth and Adults with Developmental Disabilities to Pursue Their Best Lives! 

Their innovative programs cultivate job readiness and self-sufficiency skills; community inclusion; and successful employment!



Dr. Chris Kuehl Speaker Hosted by Sandi Schumde Apr 07, 2023
The economic status and concerns the US faces today.

If you never have heard Dr. Kuehl speak, you will not want to miss this event!

Dr. Christopher Kuehl (PhD) is a Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence and one of the co-founders of the company in 1999. He has been Armada’s economic analyst and has worked with a wide variety of private clients and professional associations in the last ten years. He is the Chief Economist for the National Association for Credit Management and is on the Board of Advisors for their global division – Finance, Credit and International Business. He prepares NACM’s monthly Credit Managers Index. He is the Economic Analyst for the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association and writes their bi-weekly publication, Fabrinomics, which details the impact of economic trends on the manufacturer.

Chris is the chief editor for the Business Intelligence Briefs, distributed all over the world by business organizations and he is one of the primary writers (with Keith Prather) for the Executive Intelligence Briefs. He also makes close to a hundred presentations each year to business and industry associations in the US and overseas. He is on the Board of the Business Information Industry Association in Hong Kong and serves as a resource for the media and for many trade publications.

Chris has a doctorate in Political Economics and advanced degrees in Soviet Studies and Asian Studies and was a professor of international economics and finance for over 15 years prior to starting Armada.

James Kanki Speaker Hosted by Bob Stone Apr 14, 2023
Location Hy-Vee 64th Street

James Kanki Honrary Consulate of Japan at Kansas City

Scholarship Committee Apr 16, 2023 9:00 AM
Rotary Scholarship Applications Judging

Completed Scholarship Applications will be sent to all judges on the Scholarship committee.  Including Park Hill, Park HIll South and Platte County High Schools.

Third Thursday Social Event Gusto Coffee Apr 20, 2023
Gusto Coffee at Creekside

Adam Kintop at Gusto Coffee has graciously offered to open his shop just for the Parkville Rotary group.  This is a wonderful coffee shop with coffee drinks,tea fogs and sandwiches to enjoy.

This will be a private event for us and no charge other than purchasing your food.  Feel free to order online and have it ready when you walk in.  There is plenty of seating and a fireplace to be enjoyed.  Come have some great drinks, food and conversation.  Please signup!  


Parkville Microbrew Fest Apr 22, 2023 12:00 PM
Parkville Rotary Retail Tent

This is a wonderful event for The Parkville Mainstreet Association.  Kelly Putnam the Executive Director for the Association will be leading this great fundraiser.   Several volunteers are needed to make this tent work smoothly for the participants to enjoy.  Please sign up and join us!

TBD Speaker Hosted by Homer Williams Apr 28, 2023
Ed Linnebur Speaker Hosted by Sandy Knoernschild May 05, 2023
The New Parkville Area Chamber and EDC

Lots of new happening in Parkville.  Ed Linnebur is the director of the Parkville Economic and Development Council (EDC).  He is going to update us on the recent merger of Parkville EDC and The Chamber of Commerce. 

There are also other changes that are coming to Parkville that you will want to hear about. Pencil this date on your schedule.

See you there!

Scholarship Commitee Meeting May 08, 2023 5:30 PM
Scholarship Committee Meeting Location Cruise Holiday's Office

Judging of Scholarships to take place at Mark Comfort's office 5:30PM.

Presentation of Rotary Scholarships May 12, 2023
Location YMCA Parkville Commons

The Scholarship commitee, headed by Mark Comfort, will present Rotary Scholarships to the winners.

Please meet our winners today and wish them our best in future endeavors!

TBD Third Thursday Social Event May 18, 2023
TBD Speaker Hosted By Candi Sweeney May 26, 2023
TBD Speaker hosted by Dianna Collins Jun 02, 2023
TBD Speaker to be Hosted by Steven Youngblood Jun 09, 2023
TBD Third Thursday Social Event Jun 15, 2023
TBD Speaker Hosted by Greg Prymak Jun 23, 2023
TBD 5th Friday Social Event/Changing of the Gaurd Jun 30, 2023
TBD Speaker hosted by Scott Walterbach Jul 07, 2023 12:00 PM
Parkville Rotary Slate of Officers presented. Sep 22, 2023 12:00 PM
Nominations taken for voting on in November.

At least one month prior to the annual meeting held during the 1st weekly meeting in November for purpose of election of officers, the Presiding Officer shall present the nominating Committee’s slate of officers in nomination for approval by members of the club for President, Vice-President (President-Elect), Secretary, and Treasurer. The slate of officers may be proposed by a nominating committee or by members from the floor, by either or by both as a club may determine. If it is determined to have a nominating committee, such committee shall be appointed as the President may determine with the President-Elect being Chair of said committee. The nominations duly made shall be read in September or October and shall be voted for at the annual meeting on the 1st regular weekly meeting in November.  The candidates for President, Vice-President (President-Elect), Secretary, and Treasure shall be declared elected to their respective offices when affirmed by a majority of yes votes at the annual meeting.  The candidate for President-Elect shall be the President-Nominee and serve as a Director for the year commencing on the first day of July next following the election, and shall assume office as President on the first day of July immediately following that year.