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January 16, 2023 

Third Thursday @ Main Event
January 19, 2023
Bowling, Games, Drinks, Food and Friends starting at 5:30PM

Yes we are going again!

Bring your game on as Steve Bleish has his very own bowling ball!  Scott Walterbach out shined us all, come and give him a run for his money.

Nominate the Next District Governor of District 6040

It is time again to select a future District Governor of our District 6040. This selection will be for the Governor that serves in the Rotary year 2026-27. Everyone receiving this email has served your Club in numerous capacities. And, many have also served the District and beyond in various positions.

Your club is being invited to submit nominations for District Governor for Rotary year 2026-2027.   You, as a Rotarian in good standing, may submit to your Club President and Secretary, the name of a Rotarian in your club who you believe would be willing and qualified to serve as District Governor.  This person should be voted on by your club and his/her name, along with the application and all needed signatures, submitted to the District Nominating Committee.  The District Nominating Committee, in accordance with Section 14.020.3 of the RI Bylaws, will consist of the last five Past District Governors.  They are the voting members.  The current District Governor, Governor-Elect, Governor-Nominee, and the Governor Nominee-Designate will also serve on the committee as non-voting members. 
Please note that under the Rotary International Bylaws Qualifications for District Governor Nomination, a qualified candidate must meet all of the following seven criteria:
  1. A Rotarian in good standing of a functioning club in District 6040. (RI Bylaws 16.070.1)
  2. A Rotarian maintaining full membership qualification. (RI Bylaws 16.070.2)
  3. The Rotarian must have served a full term as Club President, or as charter president from the date of charter to 30 June (six-month minimum), at the time of nomination. (RI Bylaws 16.070.3)
  4. Be willing and able to fulfill the duties of District Governor (as described in RI Bylaws 16.070.4) and further outlined in Duties of a Governor (RI Bylaws 16.090)
  5. Have been a member of a Rotary Club for at least seven years. (RI Bylaws 16.080)
  6. Demonstrate the knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of the Governor and submit a signed statement that the Rotarian understands clearly the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities.  (RI Bylaws 16.070.5)
  7. Is willing to attend the International Assembly (as District Governor Elect) prior to taking office.  (RI Bylaws 16.080)
Selection is done now so this person can be included in leadership discussions and meetings, long-range goals, and policy setting to improve continuity and to participate in preparatory training and District activities.  The selected person would begin participating in the District Executive Council meetings after selection.  Full participation from 2023-2026 is essential to help the individual prepare for the 2026-2027 District Governor year.
  1. The District Governor nomination form must be completed fully.
  2. All required signatures must be on the document – Club President, Secretary, and applicant.
  3. Nominations shall be submitted in the form of a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the Club naming the suggested candidate.  A club may submit only one of its own members as a candidate for Governor-Nominee.  (RI Bylaws 14.020.4)
Return this application (and any additional documentation) via email to Immediate Past District Governor David McCaughey,  no later than March 1st, 2023.
  1. Nominees are encouraged to submit a detailed biography and additional information including details of their Club, District and international experiences in Rotary.
If you have questions about this process, please contact me at the email or phone number listed below.
NOTE: The Governor-Nominee Data Form is attached to this email. 
David McCaughey
District Governor 6040 2021-22
President Rotary Club of Kansas City 2017-18
816.918.8247 (phone/text) 
Parkville-San Juan Puerto Rico Global Grant, GG2094899, Culture of Peace in New Generations is COMPLETE!
Our Global Grant has been submitted for final approval after authorization by two San Juan PR Rotarians, President Kathy Leibrand, and Dalyn Novak, Grants Chair. We are waiting to hear back from RI for the final acceptance.  

This grant was supposed to be a one year grant that was started mid-2019 but due to the Covid pandemic the work stretched out over multiple years. 
Rotary International Conference 
Melbourne, Australia! 
Dear 6040 Rotarians
A few months ago, I had the pleasure of attending my first Rotary International Convention in Houston.
It was amazing!
Meeting Rotarians from other part of our country and the world and listening to them share their Rotary experience was one of the most profound things I have encountered in my Rotary journey.
Not only did I make new friends and get reacquainted with Rotarians from the Philippines whom I have not seen since my GSE trip back in 2001, but I was able to bring ideas back to our district and share those ideas with Rotarians with specific project priorities. Projects addressing human trafficking, Alzheimer's therapies and better community engagement are now being implemented in our district thanks to International Convention.
Next year's convention is in late May in Melbourne Australia. The prospect of traveling that far for a week or so may sound daunting but it is totally worth it! You have no appreciation of the power of Rotary until you attend one of these events.
I am inviting you to join my wife and I at the Convention.
If you register before December 15th, you get $100 off your registration fee.
The link to register is:
I hope to see you there!
Yours in Rotary Service
Randy Steinman
District Governor Elect
District 6040
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Bowling, Games, Drinks, Food and Friends starting at 5:30PM
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