Jun 02, 2023 12:08 PM
Jackie Halloran hosted by Dianna Collins
Platte County Parks & Recreation Information

Jackie Halloran is the Recreation & Marketing Coordinator for Platte County Parks & Recreation.


Jackie  has been with Platte County Parks for 5 years, a transplant from Shiloh Springs Golf Club. As the sales manager of Shiloh, she organized golf tournaments and other events including weddings at the golf course. Platte County sold the golf course to Great Life in 2018, and the sales manager position was eliminated under the new ownership. Platte County Parks quickly scooped her up when the Recreation & Marketing Coordinator position opened. Jackie plans all of the park's events and programs, and the marketing which includes keeping the website and facebook page updated. She also handles all of the ballfield and shelter reservations for the 2 Platte County owned and operated Parks: Barry Platte Park and Platte Ridge Park. When not in the office, you will more than likely see Jackie on water, usually the Missouri River or Smithville Lake. An avid Stand up paddler, and last year turned kayaker. A 10 year dream that came to fruition, she completed the MR 340  (in 2022) in 74 hours. (Missouri River race from Kansas City to St. Louis) While she enjoys all of the Platte County programs, her favorite is when she can get folks out in a kayak on the Platte River.   


Jackie will be joined by Chris Oryshyn the Platte County Parks Assistant Director.


Chris Oryshyn is a 15 year + Platte County Parks employee who started out cutting grass. He graduated from Northwest with a Recreation Parks Management degree, and he is now the Platte County Parks Assistant Director. He oversees all of the capital projects and the outreach grant program. The most recent activation of a brand new Park in Southern Platte County is Michael Gunn Park. Chris planned a 1 mile trail as part of the first phase. Chris currently stays busy with the two huge projects at Brush Creek Trail and Platte Ridge Park.  He is also a coach to his 3 kids including soccer, baseball, basketball and football. He is very active with his family and promotes the "get outside" theme while taking them biking, fishing, and gardening etc.


We all enjoy the parks in Platte County come hear who and how they are being taken care of!